About us


Through this site, we invite you to discover different wonders of stones, crystals, minerals and fossils for your collections, your needs in lithotherapy, ornaments or other uses.

Each week we will add new stones, crystals and minerals to our online store.


CACTUS MINERAL was created in 2017 and it is made known by making wellness and mineral show. We have grown over the years and now offer our online store.

CACTUS MINERAL has set itself the mission of providing its customers with stones, crystals, minerals and fossils of exceptional quality. All our stones are selected one by one in order to offer you the first quality. Our products are very diversified and are known to be of very good quality, at competitive prices on the international markets and meet a very strong demand all over the world..

On the strength of the experience we have acquired over the years of our existence, the dynamism of our collaborators and the creativity of our lapidaries, we can offer you a very wide range of products.

You cannot find what you need in our online store. We can surely help you with our large inventory. If you want a stone, a crystal or a mineral, do not hesitate to ask us, it will be our pleasure to help you..

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