SKU: ambauk020

ORIGIN : Ukraine

AMBER helps those who wear it to assert themselves and take their place. It allows you to express your personality, but also to impose yourself in an environment. Amber purifies energies thanks to its solar radiance.

Thanks to its mentally stimulating properties, amber is a stone that promotes all forms of psychic work, it helps to energize reflection and promotes intellectual development and boosts memory. In this sense, amber helps to fight against forms of sadness. But above all, amber encourages self-transcendence and allows you to achieve your goals, realize your dreams and accomplish great things. With amber, psychological barriers break down and nothing seems impossible to achieve. Mental strength is undoubtedly the most beautiful asset of this stone with multiple energizing properties.

By chasing away stress and anxiety, amber helps you become stronger and more combative in everyday life. If you feel psychologically tired or are going through a slight drop in morale, this stone is ideal for rekindling the flame that slumbers in you and starting anew.