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PETRIFIED WOOD is the stone of letting go, par excellence, fossilized wood has the properties of effectively getting rid of old habits, imprints and limiting beliefs. This stone gives off a very powerful energy that activates a deep reconnection with the individual birth identity codes. It allows you to connect to an energy that dates from a primary, ancestral or even wild era. It is the ideal stone to find a mind virgin of all emotions, beliefs and fears.

Fossilized wood can also be called petrified or xyloid wood, its name comes from the Greek petro which means stone. The tree has turned into stones over millions of years by the principle of petrification, the plant is found buried under sediment, over time the plant part is replaced almost entirely by the surrounding minerals. In lithotherapy, fossil wood is mainly used against fatigue, old age and inking.

It is a stone particularly recommended to support patients who suffer from a degenerative disease such as arthritis or rheumatism. It is especially suitable for older people who often suffer from chronic fatigue or other serious illnesses.