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The CHRYSANTHEMUM stone symbolizes renewal and beginning. As a result, it gives you hope, patience and promotes your confidence. The latter is therefore particularly effective when you are faced with many upheavals. This stone allows you to keep harmful thoughts away and maintains your optimism and enthusiasm.

The chrysanthemum stone also increases your ability to concentrate. It also helps you focus on the present. This faculty allows you to forget the negative aspects and focus on the positive moments. This being connected to the root chakra, it encourages anchoring in reality. Additionally, Chrysanthemum stone improves your sleep by keeping nightmares away from your mind.

p.s. The chrysanthemum stone is composed of both silica, clay and calcite. It also contains limestone, porphyry and chiastolite. In addition, this mineral is naturally arranged in the shape of a chrysanthemum due to the crystallization of certain minerals in the heart of the stone. This is why the flower appears as much outside as inside.