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POLYCHROME JASPER  has the properties of facilitating the evacuation of stress, brightening the mood and promoting luck. It helps to view life from a broader and happier perspective, which is particularly recommended during times of fatigue caused by repeating daily tasks.

Stone of balance, its nuances of intertwining hues awaken the energy of life and inner strength, prompting to act firmly and gradually to make the necessary changes. Increases stamina and supports in adapting to change.

Very recent stone from Madagascar which would have been discovered in 2006. By its magnificent colors, it brings a lot of serenity and soothes the one who wears it or the place in which it is placed. It alleviates stress and is one of the stones providing protection against the negativity that surrounds us. Placed under the pillow, it can help us remember our dreams. Placed on a work desk, its action would strengthen our decision-making with more confidence, as well as our concentration.