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Getting a LARIMAR stone is getting a good dose of joie de vivre, but also acquiring an unparalleled inner peace that will help you let go of what you do not control, while facilitating communication and the expression of creativity.

Larimar has the properties of boosting positive attitude when morale is low. It keeps negative thoughts away. Excess anger, suicidal thoughts and other negative ideas are bitterly combated just by wearing a pendant.

Soft and feminine, the larimar, which corresponds to the zodiacal signs "virgin", "aquarius" and "fish", is a yin stone (opposite of yang), which means that it is associated with the principle of the feminine and thus abounds virtues of the fairer sex: sensuality, love, resilience, compassion and tolerance. The larimar therefore acts in depth and with finesse to soften people with tough character and deviant behavior. It is a good tool for harmonization and pacifism of human relationships.