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The QUARTZ GEODE or amethyst geode is the stone of peace par excellence. It rids your house of accumulated bad energies. This powerful stone diffuses its positive energy in all rooms.

The geode has the power to improve the quality of sleep. Just place it in the room to enjoy its soothing properties.

In lithotherapy, the geode is a powerful reloading stone. To recharge any stone, simply place it in the crystal pocket. In a few hours, the stone will drink up all the positive energy of the geode.

In addition to its soothing virtues, the quartz geode channels energies and widens the chakra. This is why it is appreciated in meditation. Amethyst geode helps balance the intellectual, the mind and the nervous. It is recommended for children who have temper tantrums. To get rid of the stress of the day, stand in front of the geode for a few minutes.