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RUBELLITE acts as a repairing balm on the emotions. Rubellite has the properties of bringing relief both to everyday emotions and to those, deeper and more painful, of childhood. It has the ability, through its connection with the heart chakra, to destroy all sensitive patterns that have become obsolete. It accompanies the inner evolution of individuals, helping them to get rid of everything that encumbers them emotionally, to let go of everything that has become unnecessary. It allows you to become who you really are, freed from your old ways, in joy and lightness.

Rubellite (pink tourmaline) heals the heart chakra following any blockage that may be linked to a breakup in love and / or the non-desire to love and be loved. This stone really reactivates its energy. It harmonizes love in the couple and in the one who wears it. It allows you to love yourself before loving others. Dispels emotional pain and generates better physical sharing in love. A precious help to open up to divine love.